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By kerleydigit2417429, Oct 3 2016 03:07PM

Weather we want to believe it or not Christmas is sneaking up on us. So this week’s custom Christmas gift is a coffee mug. These are fun to give as gifts because with one look it takes you back to the day the picture was created.

To create one of these all we need is a picture, piece of art work or favorite saying. We do make these right in our store and they are dishwasher safe!

You can stop in or email us to place your order today. If you mention this post when ordering your mug you will get 10% off your order.

By kerleydigit2417429, Sep 26 2016 09:13PM

I know today is the first day that it has felt like fall, but Christmas is closer than we think and it feels. At the Kerley Copy Center making gifts (Christmas, birthday, or any other) is one of our favorite things to do. Over the next few weeks we are going to spotlight some of our favorite gift to make.

This post we will spot light our porcelain ornaments. The one shown has a picture on it, but we can put just about any image on it. In addition to round, we have oval, snowflake, Christmas tree, and a star. This is just one of several ornaments styles we do.

Yes it is just the beginning of fall, but shop local, shop early, and let us do the work for you. All we need is your image!

By kerleydigit2417429, Aug 25 2016 09:52PM

When I started working at the Kerely Copy Center (more than a few years ago), one of the first gifts I remember a customer ordering was a stamp for there mom. The mom loved it so much she came in and thanked me. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that can make a person happy.

Since that time we there are many more ways that we can customize stamps. Logos, funny sayings, awsome fonts and much much more!

Stop in to see how we can make an unique stamp for you or some one in your life.

By kerleydigit2417429, Aug 3 2016 06:58PM

This week we took time to add a new product to what we offer. We are now making custom cuff bracelets. All we need is the picture that you want and for you to choose a bracelet and we can make you a one of a kind pieces of jewelry.

So far we have made a UCM bracelet that we be donated to the UCM Volleyball team for the annual Athletic Auction, and Alpha Gamma Delta and Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority.

We would love to make one for you. Come in with your photo or even just an idea and let us do the rest for you!

By kerleydigit2417429, Jul 28 2016 01:42PM

It is less than 20 days until UCM classes start. As I drive around town and see all of the For Rent Signs up around town I wonder how landlords choose their signs. That signs has the potential to do a lot of good for years if the right one is placed in the yard.

There are a few advantages to getting custom signs, weather it is For Rent, For Sale, Garage Sale, etc.; the biggest one being that you can make sure that the phone number or address is big enough to be read from the car. If you have a logo we can put that on there. My favorite advantage is that if you come to us, you get to choose the colors for your sign! Even full color!

The next time you need a sign, whether it’s one that you want to use for years or just a day, come in and see us!

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